How the Whisper/Flash System Works

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Many people seem to be confused about how this new mechanic works, which to be fair, has many states, so here goes.

First is the default state, no team in the 80 or 40 meter circle.
No Flash Outside 80m.png
Now the player(s) move into the 80m circle, they will all see a white flashing icon, and hear the calm whispers.
White Flash Inside 80m.png
Now they move into the 40m circle, they will all see the red flashing icon, hear the aggressive whispers, and 'activate' the 80m circle.
Red Flash Inside 40m.png
Another team (purple) now enters the 80m circle, this circle is now activated by the team who entered the 40m circle, so the purple team will now immediately see a red icon, and hear aggressive whispers.
Red Flash New Team Enter 80m.png
Now, the orange team decides to back off and moves out of the 40m circle. The outer circle becomes deactivated again, and both teams now hear the calm whispers.
No Flash Outside 40m.png

  • If the outer circle flashed red and you hear aggressive whispers, it means people are inside of the 40m compound.
  • If the outer circle flashed white and you hear calm whispers, there are no people inside of the 40m circle, they could however be right next to you inside of the 80m circle.
  • If you are inside the 40m circle, it will always flash red and you will always hear aggressive whispers.
Also of note, any hunters from any team can trigger the inner circle.

If you are a trio/duo you can send in just one person and have him/her trigger it, this could be used to pull out people trying to ambush you as they wait for a trigger inside of the outer circle for example.

Also of note, you don't need to back out of the outer circle to recheck again. It will flash red immediately, and you can also always use dark sight and listen to the whispers.
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Well put together article, thank you for this.

It is very useful.
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