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So i've been playing Hunt: Showdown since it was in Pre-order Beta over almost 2 years ago (i think), and although it may not show in my skill level, i have inherited a wealth of knowledge through various forums, duos, trios and generally figuring it out as i played. There are plenty of Discord and Steam Channels/Groups that house some very elite players just in OCE alone and are always happy to share tips and tricks of their own.

So consider this an ongoing list of tips and tricks that could help a beginner and even an intermediate to experienced Hunt: Showdown player:

- The first thing i say to anyone new that i play with. 'Q' button is quick swap between secondary and primary weapons. very good thing to know when in a gun battle.
- Don't shoot or stab immolators! you need to hit them with the butt of your gun or punch them with dusters or bare fists. They take 4 punches with dusters. The 1st will knock him back, the 2nd will not, so after that, just double tap punch and do a quick hit, then another heavy punch
- Throwing knives are great for stealth take downs and from a decent range if you're a decent shot. you can also double tap shoot to swipe with it like a knife

- Quickplay is a great way to get a free hunter that's kitted out with decent gear. Just make sure you can make it out alive
- In a bounty match, you will notice some black caravan icons on the map (TAB key). These are supply points and provide ammo, health and possibly a lantern. However, in quickplay, these icons do not appear on the map. This is because they are much more valuable in Quickplay mode. They offer 'exotic' weapons, like the Dolch, Mosin Nagant, Crown and King etc. If you see one in the distance in Quickplay mode, go for it!
- On each map, there are 3 compounds that house 2 clues. This is great for quickplay as you're activating 2 clues at the same time and reduces the amount of time to get to the well spring

- If you ever run in to a compound and see grunts/zombies drop in from the sky, this is called 'pop-ins'. To save the game rendering every single grunt on the entire map from the start, it only renders them in to a compound or area when a player arrives there. This means that a player has not been there or is therefor not close by.
- There is currently a glitch, whereby if a player uses a tool, it renders a copy of it floating in the sky around waist height. This is a sign that a player has been in that location
- Normally, any XP you take from a game will be split in half. Half to your bloodline and half to level up your hunter. When the hunter hits max level (50), all XP will go in to your bloodline, making it twice as fast to level up
- Try to get used to the distance of shots. This will help you pin point exactly what compound they came from by distance.

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Nice work mate! Looks like a promising thread.
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